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Thanks for dropping by. There isn't much to this site really. It's a part of the web where I store stuff I want other people to have access to.

If you like dance music, specifically tech/house music, you may like to follow the links above to check out the dollar to euro forex tunes I have written, or the mixes I have recorded.


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12th May 2004 :: New Mix CD

I have just completed a new mix (right click -> save as)

I would say it's definitely the best one I have ever laid down. But then again I always think that the latest one is the best one. It's about 60MB which will take roughly 20 minutes to download on a broadband connection. Why should you bother? Well because it's over an hour's worth* of the highest quality, upfront, underground, hot, cool tech-house/house/breaks you are likely to hear. (Until my next mix that is).

For those of you who emailed and requested a CD of the previous mix, - sorry they haven't been sent out - but I was waiting until I did this mix first. May as well send them out at the same time.

*exactly 4000 seconds long. Couldn't have planned that if I tried!
  1. The cd starts with Mr D. Ramirez asking you 'Are You Ready'?! Well are you? With its chunky bass assault, it sets the pace and tone for the cd.


  2. Second up, we have Tyler Lewis with '89'. I have a policy in record shops not to look at the price of records before I listen to them. The problem is that you sometimes fall in love with rare imports. This is one of those tunes which cost me more than a single slab of new vinyl should cost, but when you hear that 303 bass line, you will hear why I snapped it up. Unfortunately, I simply do not posses the vocabulary to adequately describe just how nice it is. You will have to hear it yourself.

    Tyler gives us some aural candy with his use of Rhodes organs halfway through the track - a respite from the full on driving-ness of the tune. Then, just as everything is Rhosey, he slams you back against the wall.


  3. Now moving into a track that puts the 'Tech' firmly in 'Tech-House'. Perc with 'Ice Cream for Kenton', gives us one of the most interesting and well produced tracks I've heard in a while. Whoever engineered that bass in the studio, is, well, extremely good at engineering bass. If you have a system with a decent bass response, you are about to give yourself a treat.

    (Perc Trax)

  4. As much as I adore broken beats, for my own mixes I prefer them as the side salad rather that the main course. A sprinkling of broken beats in a mix, breaks up the whole thing and maintains interest and excitement levels. The great thing is that because this is my loose general policy, I can pick the cream of the breaks out there to garnish my main of four to the floor loveliness. Like Gordon Ramsey, going to the market, picking out the freshest ingredients - oh fuck it, I'm stretching this metaphor a bit.

    Dean Mushin - 'Groove One' (Sinewave Surfer Remix): It's a great breaks tune.

    It has: Bass. Drums. In a phat analogue stylee.

    (Global Harmony)

  5. Up next is Steve Angello with 'The Look (I feel sexy)' (D. Ramirez Remix). And so he should. Moving into the main part of the party now with a dynamically stunning track. If you don't want to dance to this, you're probably dead. Or a goth.


  6. Just before the halfway point, we have the first of two moody pre-build up tracks;
    Prawler, with 'Another Darkroom' are probably referring to a nightclub, and not where one would develop photos. Maybe. But anyway, referring to a club is quite correct, because the midpoint of this track is a Dr Who style bass 'thing' that will get people rushing in from the bar onto the floor. I know I would. Like a child who's drunk too many tartrazine laden drinks running for the swings upon walking into a park with arms flailing and probably looking a tiny bit camp. Marvellous.


  7. The second build up track (it's DJ foreplay don't you know) Stef Vrotyk - 'First Monday of the Month'. Subtle old-skool sirens and a chugging bass-line which, if the last track didn't swell the dancefloor to capacity, would attract stragglers like a Great White shark to chum.

    (Little Mountain)

  8. Fingerfest - 'Chemical Whore'. I just can't help myself. I fell instantly in love with this track - and when you hear the bass-line kick in, so will you. Subsequently, I have found out who Fingerfest are. Rather annoyingly, it's D. Ramirez (Dean Marriot) (again!) with Choo Choo label boss Barry Gilbey. This man is just too talented. I have been a massive fan of Dino/Dean's sound (and Choo Choo as a label) since his 2002 release of 'Bounce Your DJ' (which can be found on my previous mix). I hear Digweed has been caning this. And so he should. This will be huge.

    (Choo Choo)

  9. Next up is X-Press2 - 'Smoke Machine'. Just kidding - not really. But everyone will think that because Mr Pember, aka Meat Katie, has sampled the toms from it for this track 'The Answer' in collaboration with Elite Force and Roland 'The voice of Fatboy Slim' Clark. Take one great underlying hook, some Chemical Brother samples and the man with one of most distinctive voices in dance. Combined with some stunning production talent and ideas, you get this. These boys really do know what is what.


  10. The closing track is Bobby Lorenz - '1995'. Indeed it is like someone produced a track in 1995, but using today's production values. If you have a single emotional bone in your body, this will get you. Now stop reading this and get your hands in the air.


~Iain (May 2004)

March 2004 :: New Tune!

I'm really happy with the new tune. If you like it and want to play it out, let me know and I'll get a cd to you. To download it, right click -> 'Save Target As..' here

STOP PRESS! - There's also a new breaks mix of the new tune.
Check it out here. (right click -> Save Target As)

Here's the current mix's track list:

EDIT: IT'S NOT THE CURRENT MIX ANYMORE - but can be got from here (right click -> save as)

1. Röyksopp - So Easy (Derrick Carter mix)
2. Terry Francis and "Evil" Eddie Richards - Breakfast @ Tone's (late nite overdose)
3. DJ Mouse - Cut Off
4. Dave Brennan - Bombis Acid (Mr C mix)
5. Superchumbo - Irresistable
6. D. Ramirez - Bounce Your DJ
7. D&G; (Dave Mothersole & Mr G) - D&G; Volume 1 (D mix)

"You really built it up nicely, kept my interest throughout, and technically it was spot on as well. It got nicely intense in places."
LiquidEyes, CTW

Kind words indeed. Thanks LE. It's a bit of a showcase so that's why it's only 45 minutes long, I thought it may encourage people to listen to the whole thing and get the full image of what I was trying to achieve.

~Iain Holder (March 2004)

 More to come soon..

Click to play a sample of D&G; Volume One (D Mix) - LHB/Swag

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