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My name is Iain. Hello.


Brighton, UK.

Are you going to maintain this dreadful mockney tone for the questions?

Indeed not.

What interests you?

Loads of things. Dominating interests are music and technology.

I came here for the Alistair Campbell page, where is it?

The Alistair Campbell page was a mock-up of a BBC newspage, made to look like Alistair Campbell had just been made Director General of the BBC. It was a joke, which I think almost all who saw it took in the right spirit. It had to be taken down because the BBC (after letting it go for 2 days) complained to my webhost that I was breaking just about every rule in there copyright book. To be fair, I was. It was fun while it lasted and obtained about 70,000 hits in around 72 hours.


I'm currently a postgraduate student.

Didn't you say you were going to stop doing that?

Yes. Sorry.

I think your DJ mixes are ace, and I want to book you for a party/clubnight

Why thanks. See the main page for details on how to book.

Is that it?

For now. Yes. Would you like to go back to the main page?

 More to come soon..

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